When it has taken me awhile to get to the assembly stage of a project I get very anxious and too often skip this all important step.

I have been working on some finger-jointed letter tray type drawers for my wife, and due to trying new techniques, making new jigs, and having weather not conducive to applying finish or glue these have taken me far too long to get done. Today I finally had the opportunity to do some assembly.

I had previously measured the inside of these drawers, added the depth of the grooves for the size of the bottoms and cut the 1/4″ plywood for the bottoms so I was more than ready. I applied glue to the finger joints of the first drawer and put everything together – it did not go together! Upon inspection it turned out that the plywood bottom was too long.

Now I have glue drying and need to take this drawer apart, determine how much to trim off, cut it off, put it all back together and hope the glue has not dried too much. I managed to get it all back together and clamped up, but have to wait and see if it holds together.

Oh yeah, while trying to get the pieces together initially the back piece cracked along the groove for the bottom thanks to the bottom being too long (that and me tapping on it with a mallet to get it to go together). So along with having all of the above I also had to apply glue to that piece, clamped up separately and put in place along with the rest of the drawer.

So don’t skip the dry assembly step, it can save you a lot of headaches. And hopefully I will have learned this valuable lesson myself for the next project.


One response to “DRY FIT

  1. “Dry Fit” appropriately named. ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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