My drawer boxes are almost done and they look really good (my wife says) – they do not fit. Well, one of them does (actually they all fit in the first opening) and a second fits in the next space except it stands proud of the face of the cabinet. And no I did not try them in the cabinet before I started putting finish on them (lesson learned). But I still would have had the same problem, so it really does not matter – except for having to repeat the finishing steps on the sides.

Unfortunately that second one I cannot do anything about as it is the one where one of the corner pieces I made that push on the finger joints to get them seated completely while the glue dries. So it is out of square on that corner.

I measured all of the openings in this existing cabinet and they are all the same, so I sized my drawer boxes to be slightly smaller than that.  And all of the boxes came out the size I planned – Note to self: apparently only 1/16″ smaller is not smaller enough so go for 1/8″ next time. Another thing I think might have contributed to the problem; it has been fairly humid lately so the wood could have “absorbed” enough moisture to make them a bit bigger, but it is probably just me not making them small enough.

So I’m faced with needing to reduce the width of four finger jointed drawer boxes by 1/32″ on each side. I could hand plane them but I am not near good enough with a hand plane to do that as I would have to plane from one end to the middle and then from the other end to the middle so I would not tear out any face grain. And my ending up with a consistent thickness is not very likely.

I could use my bandsaw, but my table is not wide enough to keep the bottom of these boxes flat throughout the cut.

So I have come up with a plan for using my tablesaw. I need to clamp a sacrificial piece of wood at the front and back corners so the blade will tear out that face grain, and not my drawer face grain.

I have found that my saw blade does not come up as far as my boxes are tall, so I will have to plane off that 1/8″ it does not reach.

All in all, just more lessons learned! And I have trimmed using my tablesaw and did try them in the cabinet and they do fit. Yay!

But all in all I am a bit bumfuzzled as to why they do not fit since I only made them 1/16″ smaller. Oh well, some things are just not meant to be known.


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