Found new work

While I  thought I had enough work to finish my bookcase project I have found more (oh yeah!).

To see more of what I found here is a SketchUp drawing –

ImageAll of the shelves, and the center vertical piece, have half laps and the shelves slide into those in the vertical piece. There are no means of fastening, no glue or screws as I did not want to cause any cross grain movement problems.

Well what I have realized is that there is end grain on both sides of the half laps, thus entry points for moisture (both in and out). So I need to put at least one coat of shellac on all that end grain (I was already going to do that on the end grain of the shelves).

My only issue is that the half laps are 1-1/2″ x 7-3/4″ so getting a brush in that space and not get shellac on the shelves themselves will be a bit of a challenge.

I think the best way to keep that from happening is to put blue painters tape along the three edges to hopefully catch any overage. Actually I think I’ll use a brand of painters tape I have called “Frog Tape” that is suppose to seal better along its’ edge than regular painters tape.

Of course my experience with painters tape shows it raises the grain (which I just spent a few days getting rid of after each coat of the blotch control), so hooray – more sanding!



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