Not as advertised

Today I applied shellac to the end grain I talked about in my last post. I also used that “Frog Tape” I also talked about and found it did NOT seal along its’ edge all that well, so I have shellac on some places on the shelves around the edges of those half laps.

However, I guess I should give them a break since it is PAINTERS tape, apparently not tape for something like shellac which has alcohol in it.

I had applied the tape around both sides of each half lap on the shelves. And when I removed the tape saw shellac in places I did NOT want it, so decided to not go to all that trouble for the half laps on the center vertical piece and just be really careful with my brush. That worked pretty well and I wiped off any shellac I got on the surface immediately.

When I did the ends of the two side pieces I did get some shellac onto the outside surfaces but it had begun to dry before I could get it wiped off, so will have to sand those places.

So some more hand sanding (hot dog) to remove what did dry ON the shelves and side ends, and I should probably scuff sand, with 320 or 400, the end grain on the shelves, and ends of the two side pieces, that you will see as the stain might not adhere otherwise.

But all of that is for Monday.

Speaking of drying fast, I applied a coat of the water based satin top coat to one side of my sample piece and it was completely dry in about 5 minutes. The can says allow 1-2 hours, but it was totally dry in that 5 minute period. Amazing what a little 100 degree heat will do.


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